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5 Amazing Stationery Items You Must Grab Now!

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When you think of it, we spend most of our day glued to our work desks working up to deadlines, taking up reminder notes, and doing meetings. To make your work a bit fun, let's think of making your work desk decked up with quirky and essential stationery that makes your work easier. When stationery items are cool, fun and most importantly useful it definitely makes your desk more lively and presentable. So, we got you 5 super amazing must-have stationery to buy just immediately! 

A5 Diary

A super hectic or overwhelming day builds up the stress. It can feel chaotic but letting it all out or setting up before the start of a day can help make it better. Grab yourself our A5 Diary that will be there to pen down your thoughts, important deadlines, and plans so that you don't feel the burden. If you are thinking of keeping it as a journal, it is indeed a great option. Sitting on your work desk and penning down the emotions due to work stress can make you super relieved. This diary looks super quirky and stylish which you can get personalized with your name and a charm you love. Choose a color that you love and begin your journey by keeping a diary for work. 


An absolute understatement is the utility of bookmarks in our lives. Be it for someone who loves to read books or write important notes in a diary, a bookmark makes it super easy. It helps keep track, saves time, and makes you efficient. While it is an essential accessory, our bookmarks make a style statement all the way. With personalization and a wide range of colors to choose from, one can get their names and a charm attached to it on the bookmark for a quirky look. It will definitely get a few stops and people won't stop asking about it! 


Tired of getting your papers, notes, and other stuff just flying away from our work desk? Paperweight is about to be your favorite essential stationery. We often forget about paperweights, but every work desk needs one to keep it all together. Here's an idea though! Ditch those standard and same-old traditional paperweights. It's time to be a little quirky and stylish to make your desk look aesthetic all the way. Grab yourself the new paperweights in the market, from a personalized name paperweight to a prop you love from your beloved series. The options available are endless today and they will make for amazing and essential stationery for you! 

A6 NotePad

Here's something fun and a great way to keep your little notes handy anytime. Grab yourself our personalized A6 NotePad for long meetings and making lists of important notes or tasks. With a snap button for both style and safety, this has to be one of our favorite stationery and an absolutely essential one. It comes in vegan leather, trendy colors, and you can have your initials carved with a quirky charm attached to it. And that's not it, we make it even better as it includes a stylish attachment to it. 

Paper Clips and Stapler

Last but definitely not least, that one accessory that brings all your documents on the work desk together is a paper clip. One ought to keep paper clips handy on their work desk to avoid creating a mess of paper lying all around. But we have to tell you that paper clips now come in super fun colors and can be a lot more quirky. Choose from some fun sizes, colors, and shapes to brighten up your office desk a bit more than usual!