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5 Reasons Why Vegan Leather is Better

Leather has been and always will be a great item for fashion. But while we all love the look, no one likes the cruelty and waste that comes with manufacturing leather. Its alternative, vegan leather, is on the rise because of its sustainable and animal friendly nature. It allows one to get a rocker-chic look without animal cruelty and at a much affordable price. 

Today many fashion designers are also jumping into the vegan leather industry and influencing other designers to take such steps as well. But in case we need a few more reasons to adapt to, here are the main 5 reasons why vegan leather is better than traditional leather:

Non-animal source

As the name suggests, it is sourced from textile-polymer composite microfibres, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane. Although a few are made from kelp or cork & few are from glazed cotton. Because it is man-made it can be created in any color & variety of textures. Hence no animal cruelty is involved while making or procuring it.

Good quality at lesser price

Vegan leather comes in a few different forms and qualities, being more “leather-like” than others. Average retailers sell good quality vegan leather which is hard to distinguish from real leather. Those made from natural resources get an advantage due to their eco-friendly nature. Also, extremely good quality vegan leather will still be cheaper than most real leather products.

Quality and durability 

What is the difference between real leather and vegan one, is one of the most asked questions, like is it durable,ethical or sustainable? Yes, these are major factors to take into account. Often being much thinner and lightweight than the real leather, it also makes for great fashion & is easier to work with.

Waterproof & stain proof

Yes, it is mainly due to its plastic coating. This also makes it a lot easier to catch stains or to clean it. Faux vegan leather can also be repaired and maintained easily for a longer period of time compared to any real one. 

Certain companies like us have prided themselves in successfully manufacturing vegan leather products today. That is leather which is both eco-friendly and cruelty free. While traditional may be more durable, ethically- sourced vegan leather always takes precedence due to all the factors mentioned above.