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Best Women's Day Gift For Your Special Lady

If you are still looking for a Women’s Day gift, well, we don’t blame you. It can be quite overwhelming to select the perfect gift for your special lady. Be it your mother, daughter, wife, girlfriend, friend or colleague - we’re here to help you with this curated list of absolutely gorgeous personalised gifts. The best part? These products are all cruelty free and made from vegan faux leather which gives it a very chic look. 

Passport Holder

Whether she is a travelhead or not, gift her this beautiful faux leather passport holder. It is bound to wake the travel explorer in her. Our passports are one of the most valued documents that has the power to take us places seamlessly. A colourful passport cover will only excite her more to explore the world beyond. 

Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are simple yet effective gifts in terms of utility. What adds jazz to this gift is copper personalisation which has a very rustic and classic look to it. The quality of the tags ensure that they stick to you for the long haul. Ladies do love personalised merchandise. It is a cute, fun and creative gesture to give such items to your special lady.

Travel Diary

It is always good to carry a travel diary with you wherever you go. It’s because your memory isn’t as good as you think it is. Writing them down definitely enhances the experience of your travel. On any day you can just turn the pages to reflect upon them, all your stories, experiences, hurdles and knowledge. We’re sure she’d love collecting some memories in this beautiful gift by you. 

Personalised Saddle Crossbody Bag

This crossbody bag can be carried to a party, or a casual day out with your friends. It’s of perfect size to carry a few essentials, all while making a style statement. Get it personalised with her name and her favourite charm and off you go. The bag contains a zippered slip pocket inside and is made of faux vegan leather. Who doesn’t want a cute little bag to carry while travelling which tends to match with every outfit one wears.

Personalised Snap Wallet

Wallets are one of the fondest accessories that women look for everywhere. TravelSleek introduces this Ladies Snap Wallet which is a perfect blend of sleek design and environment-friendly fashion. This type of accessory is a practical and stylish option to opt for. This one is easier to grip and also travel friendly when it comes to long or short trips. The main advantage would be you finding out which type of design matches your personality.