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Break the ice with gifts for your crush!

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Having strong feelings of love and care for that one person you look up to every time is nothing but a “crush”. That sweet smile, whenever your favourite person is around you, is a sign that he or she has a special place in your heart. You can be of any age to fall in love with someone you like, may it be your childhood or being an adult you might have had a special person. It’s quite obvious that you get awkward and a little uncomfortable with those butterflies in your stomach, yet it’s adorable. You get shy and start blushing which just tells everything without actually using any words.


 So, to help you out TRAVELSLEEK is all here to make that first move and approach your crush to break the ice by gifting these little gift ideas for your crush which are worth it and present to him/her.

Is it okay to gift your crush?

I know it is quite difficult and nearly impossible for some to make the first move but hey! You won’t regret it.  Look up some cute gifts for him/her which are affordable, cute and presentable to make them happy and start your bond with sweet moments and beautiful conversations. And yes, you need not think too much it is okay to gift your crush. 

Video games/board games

If your crush is someone who is crazy about games and loves to spend his time with video games/board games, gifting it to your special person would really be a great idea and be the reason to get a big smile on their face. Video games of their choice or board games that you might have observed play him/her usually are a good opportunity to start a conversation with a small yet cute gesture. So go find what game they are interested in and gift them with confidence. 

Personalised wallets 


Personalised wallets

A wallet can be the best gift for someone you haven’t talked to much yet and would make a sweet gesture that you do care for them. Wallets for men and wallets for women too, can be a better gift option which can be a reason to start the conversation. When it comes to wallets, travelsleek has the best collection of men’s and women’s wallets. We do sell various types made with premium quality vegan leather and with the best comfortable stitch. If your crush is a lady, then ladies snap wallets/ women’s satchel bags/tote bags for ladies and many more beautiful collections for women are available which can be the cutest thing to give your crush with whom you might be working, studying or even just a friend you met.

And if you are looking to a gift for a male then men’s wallets, men’s passport covers, and toiletry bags are available at travelsleek and can be the best option for you to break the ice and start the bond with your crush. Order your wallets today with the colour and design of your choice. All of these products are customised and specially made with names embossed on them. 

Online subscriptions    

Online subscriptions are another way of showing your interest in your favourite person. May it be a boy or girl online subscriptions are cheap and sharing your passwords is a sweet gesture to show some love to your crush. So, you can think of giving online subscriptions to your crush.



  Keychains are a good start to give to your crush as they are small cheap, yet cute. It is a small gift idea that can ignite the bond between you two. Keychains are of many varieties and you need to choose them according to the situation of your relationship with them. @travelsleek we offer customized keychains made with premium quality leather and with name initials embossed on them. Keychains are cheap gifts for men and women which are noticeable and a classy yet small way to express your uniqueness. 

A5 diaries/ notepads 

A5 Dairy Travelsleek

 Notepads and diaries are elegant and classy to gift to the person you look up to. They are affordable and are a good way to express your feelings without talking. Notepads and diaries can be very useful and will often remind them of you whenever they are in use which is just enough to light that spark in them. And you couldn’t ask more as you are in your crush’s thoughts now! We at travelsleek have good varieties of notepads and diaries with customisations made and leather covers to them. These are business gifts, cheap enough and chic to give the person you’re studying with, working with or just seeing them. 


These were the 5 best small gift options for your crush to break the ice and make that first move. Yes, it does require a lot of courage for some to go and speak but gifting these little things will surely help you out and give you that push to stay. So next time be prepared, with a little confidence and do not forget to make this small move and start the conversation. They’ll surely love it