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4 Ways To Support Local Businesses While You Travel

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As we know, tourism is one of the worst affected industries because of the pandemic. Everyone associated with it needs a lot of support so that their livelihood does not suffer. While a majority of people are at home, some of us are still stepping out and train & airplanes haven’t been halted. So if you are someone who is about to travel, here are four simple things you could do to help the local businesses who survive on tourists.

Eat Local 

When we visit a new place, the first thing we want to try is their local dishes. The essence of a cuisine lies in the food sold on streets, cafes, and small restaurants. You get to taste the regional food and relish its authenticity. These places make food that makes you remember the place for the longest time. Importantly, it ensures that the money you spend goes directly to the local community and its people.

Shop Local

We all love to shop! Don't we? Even more so when we are visiting someplace new, some things are bought for the people back home or just as souvenirs to remember the time we traveled to that city. And if you happen to visit places now, make sure you buy from local shops, vendors, and artisans. Not only will you have authentic items for yourself but you will also help them keep their business alive. While you buy from them, you will get the chance to witness how they work and how beautifully they make those items for travelers like you. 


Live like a Local

We understand that living in comfort is everyone's top priority. So whenever we travel, we look for five-star hotels, resorts, or lavish places for our travel stay. But we would love to tell you that homestays are a great alternative nowadays. Homestays, local tour guides, drivers – these are the people who enrich our travel experiences. And right now, many of them are going through an extremely difficult time so the best we can do is stay in homestays, hire guides and drivers that are local who will help us travel around the place and make our stay wholesome. 

Share with Friends

Once you've visited a place and have had an unforgettable experience, make sure you share your story with the people in your circle. Write about it in blogs, make videos and upload it on social media, and other platforms. This ensures that people who are planning to travel, get to know about the place and how amazing it is. It is an encouraging way to support the local community and its people. We can do our part in the smallest of ways. It enables the society and will help people to get through these tough times.