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7 Corporate Gifts That Are Fun & Eco-Friendly

Corporate gifting is an effective way to engage with your clients, prospects, customers, employees, and others For one, gifting has a lasting impact on the recipient. It facilitates cordial relations and builds a stronger professional relationship. But remember, to truly make a mark in your recipient’s head, you’ll need to have gift ideas that are out of the box. While your gifts are meaningful, long-lasting they should fill the purpose of increasing your brand awareness.

These listed unique corporate gift ideas will surely surprise and delight your recipients. 

Daily Essentials in Him/Her Hamper

This hamper contains a combo of personalized items that are needed on a daily basis. A wallet, keychain, and a wire organizer could be given as an amazing corporate gift that even has their name engraved to add personal touch! The hamper of daily essentials could be given to your employees or any particular client on certain occasions.

Office Essentials Set

Every office goer will instantly fall in love with this Office Essentials Set as a gift from your end. This set contains a notepad, keychain, and visiting card holder; all of which can be personalized for anyone you wish to give this set! This set is super quirky, handy, and absolutely amazing. We know for sure this will be loved by anyone and everyone.

Travel in Style Hamper

For people who love to travel or have to go on regular business meetups, this travel-in-style hamper is an absolute delight. It contains a passport cover, sunglasses cover,and a luggage tag. These three are the most important items when it comes to traveling, to keep the passport handy and safe, sunglasses well-protected, and luggage tag so that you don’t miss your luggage. This trio makes for a cool corporate gift.

E-gift Card

Another great way to corporate gifting through a hasslefree way is an E-gift card, especially for your employees. They make for a nice gifting way as the recipient gets a choice to buy whenever they want. Plus, if the gift card is not a service but a hamper to buy anything, that makes it even better with more choices to opt from. 

The Voyage Hamper

This Voyage Hamper will be the perfect corporate gift for the travelers out there. It contains luggage tags, a travel wallet, and a sunglasses cover. The great thing is that it can be personalized with their initials or the entire name. Just like the name of the hamper, the gift is also as interesting as it gets.

The Prism Zippered Wallet

For someone who loves to keep their pocket light and is an absolute fan of minimalism, this prism zippered wallet will make for a great corporate gift for them. With compartments to keep all the essentials intact, it comes with a personalized touch of a charm and an option to engrave initials.

Dairy & Bookmark

A diary is something that almost everyone keeps; either for journaling or writing down notes on a daily basis. A dairy and a bookmark make a great combo for a corporate gift to give to your clients, prospects and employees on New Years or other occasions. Add an extra note to make it look even more personal and heart-warming, we know it’ll be amazing.