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5 amazing destinations to travel around this Monsoon

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Monsoon tourism in India is something you should probably not miss out on. The beauty of this season has started already in some parts of the country while some are in summer vibes yet. The tropical essence in India prolongs about 4-5 months i.e (mid-June to September.) Destinations like Lonavla, Kerala, Meghalaya, and Ooty are quite common and are known for their ever-rainy weather, there are a few mesmerizing visits you might not be aware of.

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As the season of dark clouds, drizzle winds, serene sounds of rainfall and your lofi playlist is just at the edge, make sure you take a quick break from your work, pack your bags and give your eyes a little treat of this lovely weather by enjoying these beautiful destinations around India.

1. CHERRAPUNJI (Himachal Pradesh)

CHERRAPUNJI - travelsleek


“Meghalaya” yes, we talking about monsoon in India, and mention of this state is inevitable. Cherrapunji a northeastern town in Meghalaya might just be the next perfect monsoon trip you should be planning. Cherrapunji also known as “Sohra” is a high-altitude tourist attraction with darkest of dark green lush forests with various species of wildlife and plants.

This destination is quite popular for its living root bridges. The fact that Cherrapunji is noticed as one of the world’s highest annual rainfall (450 inches) makes it a more special and must-visit destination, especially during monsoon.   

2. MAHABALESHWAR (Maharashtra)


The Mahabaleshwar located in Satara district of Maharashtra is again an amazing place to visit in monsoons as this is the appropriate period where you can see the beauty of nature blooming at its best. Mahabaleshwar is known for many attractions and some of them are elephants head point, Mahabaleshwar historic temple, Pratapgargh fort and many more.

This geographical attraction is popular and rich in strawberry yielding with breath-taking viewpoints all across the hill station.  So if you are planning to visit this place anytime soon make sure you have enough space for photos on your device simply because you would want to capture every second of it!

3. UDAIPUR (Rajasthan)

Udaypur Rajasthan


Rajasthan might sound quite surprising to some when speaking about monsoon tourism as this beautiful place is superiorly recognized for its hot weather and lack of rains as compared to other states in India, but trust me the city of lakes “UDAIPUR” is something you must visit this monsoon.

The weather in Udaipur at this time of the year is one of the best experiences can ever have. With amazing monsoon views through Rajasthani royal palaces like nowhere else is just one wholesome picture one can create in this season. And among them, one of the most prominent one especially to visit is the “Sajjangargh palace” also called as the “Monsoon palace” for its mesmerizing views of the city and lakes across it.

4. PONDICHERRY (Tamil Nadu)


Pondicherry is called by other names, the “French capital of India” the “Parris of the east” showcasing most of the town in a French tradition is yet another destination for monsoons which starts from July-September. Located in Tamilnadu Pondicherry is one which can you a wholesome experience of colonial ambiance with a beautiful mixture of several churches and Hindu temples. Surrounded by a number of beaches naming Paradise beach, Promanade beach, Serenity beach, and more such beach recreations with traditional boating, fishing, and mazing western food you might try out. Recreations and entertaining sights followed in western culture can be seen here.

5. COORG (Karnataka)



Coorg is the wettest place in Karnataka one should never say no to a visit like this. This destination is quite famous for people in Karnataka for monsoon trips and has been loved by Bengalurians and other cities in Karnataka.

This small town gives a total experience of heaven when visited in monsoons with its coffee plantations, steep hills, rich forest life, and ever-flowing streams around with its ever rainy views. Recreations such as fire camps, white water rafting, and Dubare Elephant Camp are prominent. You can find the ever-flowing purest streams and waterfalls every now and then among which one of them is Abbe falls with its awestruck views.