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Travel-in-style with a personalized passport cover

Travel and tourism have immensely risen among people compared to the pre-pandemic situation. Post covid things have tremendously changed in every field, especially in the travel sector since being locked down in houses and not able to go anywhere. The urge to travel like before, the excitement in people even more risen. Air travel has become common nowadays domestically and internationally as well. And therefore, travel accessories come into the picture while traveling across.

Among these passport becomes the most important document if you are traveling abroad or a frequent flyer to other countries. Hence it also becomes important for your passport to be safe and secure everywhere you go. With Travelsleek get your passport cover personalized with the best quality and designs of your interests on our website with a wide variety of collections in travel accessories. Let’s talk about passport covers now, why is it essential to have one?


  • One of the major reasons to have a passport cover is to mainly keep your document safe to avoid any wear and tear done to it. With Travelsleek passport cover with custom designs and themes get your passport cover designed today and your travel journey a bit more fun in its way.
  • Can be an amazing gift idea, yes you read it right. With you having it also you can think of gifting one to your loved ones. A passport cover might be something you should think of gifting someone may it be their birthday, anniversary gift (with couple’s passport set on travelsleek website), or simply to someone in your family or friends who you know travels a lot.
  • Passports usually have a validity of a few months and to maintain it, keeping them in a cover is the best way to protect your document for future travels with no damage or minimal damage done to it.
  • Reflects your personality: Having a cover on your passport is yet another way to tell a lot about you without you speaking a word. The kind of passport cover you use defines a lot about you and your personality especially if it’s personalized with just a small note or your name embossed on it.
  • Securing your passport cover is just not used for your passports but also to safeguard a few other important cards as well, which are often needed to be used ever and then such as your (aadhar card/ pan card/ debit card) just for exceptional use in case you don’t have access to your wallet.



  • Travelsleek’s custom passport covers not just being personalized, they are also made with the most premium quality of faux leather (synthetic leather).
  • Along with personalized names and initials, charms are also add-ons to your cover with a variety of colors and themes.
  • Having two extra card slots makes it more portable and help you carry your other important card-documents as well.
  • With appropriate stitching borders and non-sharp edges, this cover might just be the smallest yet most important protector of your cards and passport.
  • Travelsleek brings you not just a passport covers for individuals but for couples too as one of our themes.
  • Can be an amazing gift idea for someone you are looking to give a present on their special day with personal theme and colour of your choice.


Shop your passport covers with travel-in-style on our websites today at the best prices and more such travel accessories for your travel journeys to personalized, fun and to be just as premium as our products.