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5 Productive Hobbies To Take Up This Summer

March has ended and summer is knocking at our doors. While many are still getting over the Holi hangover, it's certainly time to buckle down and get productive. Before you think that we are talking about work, let us clarify - not at all. The plan should be to inculcate productive hobbies that both teach you new skills or become a creative outlet. In the monotony of routine, this season change can signify the change we want to bring in our own lives.

While summers can be difficult in many parts of India, it also invites cool and breezy evenings. Take full advantage of these beautiful evenings and spend time practising new activities. But what? Well, that is what we answer here. Here is a list of five productive hobbies to take up this summer which are sure to teach you something new. If not, you will definitely have an experience of trying out something completely new. 

Start a City Exploration Club

Maybe you live in our hometown or you have moved to a new city for studies or work. Nevertheless, with a new perspective you are bound to experience a city like never before. Connect with your friends or people online and take a walk through the popular market or monuments in the city. Explore new eateries and chai places and become a star recommender in your own group. With this hobby, be ready to be taken away by what a city can offer. 

Host a Podcast

Podcasting is one of the most up and coming activities these days. Everyone has a unique story and with the magic of audio, you can bring all of them to life without investing anything. A smartphone, earphones and internet connection will do the deed just fine. Select a niche of your own, invite like-minded friends and discuss away without any inhibitions. With the right reach, you may be able to create a community of your own. 

Try Nature Journaling

Journaling can be a therapeutic exercise. A popular form of journaling that is having a positive effect on a lot of people is nature journaling. Get outside, to the nearest park, hillock or the beach (if you’re that lucky) with a notebook and pen and write down your observations from the surroundings. Further go on to describe the thoughts that come to your mind when you observe nature. This hobby will help you develop an eye for detail and amp up your writing skill.

Get Cycling 

After a point regular exercise may get boring but with cycling a new avenue awaits you with every ride. Use the pleasant summer mornings or evenings to get out and get moving. You can also invite a few friends and turn it into a group event. Cycling can help you produce happy hormones which will keep you calm and breezy the whole day. Apart from the obvious health benefits, you will also explore your surroundings with a new medium.

Practise Meditation

No amount of recommendation is enough for this powerful and productive hobby. Meditation is great for your physical, mental and emotional health. It has proven to have a positive effect on mood and helps you stay focused. Use the new season as an excuse to turn meditation into a hobby. You can start by just consciously regulating your breath for five minutes and further build on. It will certainly help you feel more centred and in touch with your body & mind. 

Now that all these ideas are up for grabs, it is time to get to action and turn this summer into a productive one.v