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7 Indian IG Travel Accounts You Absolutely Have to Follow

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Travel influencers all around the world have inspired a good amount of people to get out of their bed and start planning getaways. These creators post massive amounts of content starting from vlogs, blogs, reviews to sharing experiences on their page on various social media handles. Their travel content mostly revolves around culture, habits, communities, customs and of course, scenic beauty of a place. 

There are many creators you can follow but given the aesthetic of the platform, Instagram’s visual layout brings out the best in travel-related content. But whom to follow for the most engaging content? Here is a list of 7 Indian content creators who are taking the world of travel by a storm.

Travel & Love - Savi & Vid: @bruisedpassports

If you are looking for perfect storytellers strolling through romance getaways, you’ve got to visit this profile. They are here to guide you through the ultimate travel destinations all around the world starting from India. Savi & Vid are an Indian couple who are travel addicts and have travelled 90+ countries together in search for perfect content to educate their followers. Follow their blog & step into the world of trips, passports, fashion, itineraries and more.

Shenaz Treasurywala: @shenaztreasury

An actress, TV host, writer and travel blogger and the daughter of a Merchant Navy Captain, her forte has been travelling around the world. Over the years, she has developed a panache to showcase tourists destinations in a personal and authentic way. An eco-conscious person who wants to uplift, inspire and present the beauty of nature through her content.

Curly Tales: (@curly.tales)

This page is founded by Kamiya Jani who gave up her full time media job to live and follow a dream she wanted. She had been a keen food lover and a traveller at heart. So she set up Curly Tales to discover the love for food, travel and indulgences along with experiences. Before even stepping into India, this page should be discovered to know all the things you can do just in your neighborhood. From delicious food to travelling to amazing locations, they have got you covered. 

Meghna Kaur: @shetroublemaker

With a simple dream of making people happy through travelling and content creation, she followed her heart and became a star in the industry of influencers. When you gotta take fashion vlogging ideas along with travelling, she is the perfect blogger to look upto. She gives really good staycation ideas with a guide of where to eat and what to wear throughout your trips. A fun-loving soul who can give you all the adventure tips you want. Also, if you’re looking for women-friendly destinations, then you gotta follow her.


Larissa D’Sa: @larissa_wlc

If you’re a lifestyle enthusiast who wants to explore travel, she is the perfect Indian traveller you should find on Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms. From what products to use in your daily makeup, what fashion outfits to wear to what type of locations to visit along with the cuisines you must try, she can guide you through all of it. 

Akash Malhotra: @wanderwithsky

As his profile mentions, he is a human who has a crush on planet Earth. How cool, isn’t it? An award winning blogger & vlogger who’s on a mission to travel the world all while creating content. He has all the trips, tricks and hacks to guide you, no matter wherever you decide to travel. Like a nomad, step into his shoes and wander with him on an endless travel journey.

Devashree Sanghvi: @thecrazyindianfoodie 

One of the best Indian food bloggers is here to present you with her diary of authentic, traditional, mouth-watering cuisines from all over India & around the world. Just scroll through her feed and get to know the top best restaurants ,street food trucks, world-class wines coupled with nature’s beauty to visit & try at least once in your lifetime.

With their engaging content, these bloggers have made so much easier for us to plan out our future vacations. Their extensive guides about where to eat, what to wear and even what not to do has made our work so much simpler. Make complete use of the knowledge you gain from their posts and create a perfect getaway to gain the experience of a lifetime!