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7 Undiscovered Places in India You Must Visit

India is full of surprises - especially when it comes to gorgeous towns that may take your breath away. Often we look outwards, at foreign countries, while looking for a perfect holiday destination. We tend to forget about the beauty that India holds in small, undiscovered spots. If you are looking for some peaceful solitude, following is the perfect list of destinations that are just waiting for you to appreciate them. Lets begin:

1. Shoja, Himachal Pradesh

This quaint little hamlet in the mountainous state of Himachal Pradesh is for those who go on holidays to do nothing but just to blow off steam. It is just the spot to connect with nature as you enjoy the view of snow-capped mountains. The place is populated with coniferous & deodar trees. The Serolsar Lake nearby is the place you want to be at during sunsets. Take a week off from work and just relax in the warm afternoons of this village blessed with winters.

2. Jawai, Rajasthan

If you like all these wilds, you have to make a visit to Jawai Leopard Camp. It is one of the most up and coming leopard spotting destinations in India. Apart from leopards, you will get to notice many migratory birds around along with other wild animals such as sloth bears, wolves, deers & antelopes. Not to forget that in the land of the royals, you will be treated with comfortable tents, rustic lights and the most famous Rajasthani cuisine.

3. Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

This small town in Andhra Pradesh is devoted to the fiery incarnation of Lord Shiva – Lord Veerabhadra. The place is packed with history & cultural motifs from the old Hindu scripture of Ramayana & Mahabharat. The highlight of the town, which is famous throughout the world, is the hanging pillar in the main Lepakshi Temple. Many tourists visit the place every year to witness this architectural magic. 

4. Talasari Beach, Balasore, Odisha

In Indian tourism, peace and solitude is hard to come by. But in the quaint land of East India, lies the ever-free Talasari beach. Situated beside a quiet village in Balasore district, it is the best place to just take a couple of days off and go off the grid with a view to yourself. It is this quietness that makes Odisha call itself ‘India’s best kept secret’.

5. Anthargange, Karnataka
For all of you fitness freaks who do not want to compromise on working out while travelling, we have found just the place for you. Head over to this temple town of Anthargange in the Kolar District of Karnataka and trek over beautiful volcanic rocks. The rocks have carved out very pretty caves which are open to be explored. This off-beat town is situated 70 kms away from the capital city of Bangalore. 


6. Majuli, Assam

There is nothing more calming than the sound of slow gushing water. To sit beside the river Brahmaputra with a good book and just fly away in a world beyond reality would be such an amazing thing. The river island of Manjuli in the north-eastern state of Assam is the place that can make it happen. This island has been ignored by tourists for a very long time. But these gems shouldn’t be hidden away - go explore!

Kodinhi, Kerala
If you are a connoisseur of absurd facts and phenomena, you have to visit this village in Kerala called Kodinhi. Situated in the Malappuram district of the state, the weird phenomena that attracts tourists is that the place has the largest number of twins in the country. Statistics say that there are at least 400 pairs of twins in a village with a population of only 2000 or so. The mystery of the twins which is said to have begun in 1949 remains unsolved till date. Head over to this village and we’re pretty sure the locals will have fascinating stories to tell you as reasons for this phenomenon.