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The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift For Your Partner - Find It Here

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The month of February has arrived, bringing with it the promise of love and romance. But very soon, your gifting skills are going to stand a major test. If your partner is the type of person who always gets you the best of gifts, we’re here to tell you something. This year you are totally going to sweep them off their feet.  

Buying a V-Day gift can be quite nerve-wracking. Going over their likes, dislikes or if you want to introduce something absolutely new to them - so many decisions to make. Well, fret not! We have compiled a superb hamper for your special someone. And in case you want to get a couple’s gift for both of you - we have that option set too. 

Valentine’s Day is that the perfect time to move forward in a relationship - no matter what stage of dating you might be in. So make sure you make the move and give it your all!

Mon Amore (for him)

French is said to be one of the sexiest of languages. We took the words of love from this beautiful language to curate this beautiful gift for the man of your life. This hamper consists of a faux leather wallet, a sunglass cover and a matching keychain. You can have all these products customised with his name and a charm to add a flair to it. 

Mio Amore (for her)

If it is French for the gentlemen, it is Italian for the ladies. Mio Amore meaning ‘my love’ is curated for all the lovely ladies who like to claim what is theirs. The package consists of all the essentials she needs - a faux leather snap wallet, sunglasses cover and a keychain. You can have her name engraved on all these items along with a pretty charm that suits her. 

Mon Tout (All-in-one Hamper)

If you and your partner are both fans of traveling and exploring new destinations - there is nothing more perfect than the Mon Tout. This hamper has all the things you need during your tour. Mon Tout consists of a Travel Kit, a Diary, a Passport Cover, an Eyewear case, 2 mini Bag Tags, a Keychain and a Sanitiser Holder. You can earmark products by customising them with your names and there – you have your matching travel kit!

All these gift hampers come beautifully packed in a gift box. You can also avail the gift-wrapping option to have the hampers ready to be delivered at the doorstep of your Valentine. 

Now that we’ve added a charm (pun intended) to your Valentine’s Day presents, we hope you have fun watching them unwrap the gifts and fall in love with you all over again.