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How Travel has Changed During the Pandemic

We entered the year 2020 with a life-changing situation, the entire world got hit by the pandemic and our lives have never been the same again. We have to adapt to the new normal and everything in a new way. While travel was supposedly a routine for many, it became a luxury since the pandemic. For the past couple of months, we've all experienced lockdowns, strict adherence to rules, and social distancing for all. The travel industry has been massively affected by the spread of coronavirus, as countries all over the world stopped travels for several months. The World Travel and Tourism Council warned the COVID-19 pandemic is putting up to 50 million jobs in global travel and tourism at risk. 

While traveling is still a bit unsettling during this pandemic, we will guide you through to minimize your risk of becoming unwell. Since the travel industry contributes to every nation's economy, currently the tourism industry accounts for 10% of global GDP, traveling is becoming accessible and a bit easier with properly followed norms. Most countries are exercising caution and helping the travel industry gear up again. But the way we used to travel is now changed. Online check-ins, contactless travel, health screenings, mandatory mask-wearing, and all hygiene concerns are what travel will look as we move forward in the coming days.

The new travel trends need to be kept in mind while we plan travel of any kind. What we are mostly observing is limited business travel and staycations being the most travel trends picking up since the restrictions were lowered. But the adherence to the rules and regulations for interstate travel and overseas travel remains intact. The basic idea is to make sure to check the requirements needed for that travel, get yourself tested if that place requires a report of your health because the state governments have laid down travel rules for everyone when you cross borders.

Some essential travel recommendations that need to be remembered while we decide to travel around! Having been under lockdowns for several months, people are getting prone to short travels for a change of mood and a bit of relaxation from the mundane lives. If you happen to plan such short weekend trips, we'd suggest you for places that are distant from crowded cities. Choose destinations that have lesser cases, far away from cities, and give you that relaxation you were looking for. Places like the far off hill stations, beaches, or far away resorts are the go-to for many people these days. Once you’ve decided the place, make sure your stay, that is, hotels or resorts are well sanitized and follow the norms.

When it comes to traveling overseas, make sure you choose a destination that has lesser restrictions and offers you a staycation! Most countries as of now, are still under lockdowns and have stricter rules for travel. We see a sudden trend of going away to islands for a weekend getaway. Destinations that have no visa issues, flexible travel norms so that you enjoy stress-free!