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Travel Cruelty Free – Faux Leather is the Way to Go

The cruelty borne on animals due to the leather industry is no secret. We wear and use leather products despite knowing about the cruelty animals go through everyday. These animals are ruthlessly walked for miles, starved and branded in order to produce leather. Millions of cows and other animals are butchered every year so we can wear & use leather. And we go on using these products without understanding the implications of it for many species.

Apart from cruelty, leather production impacts the environment gravely. Any produce which involves animal rearing leads to high methane production which results in greenhouse effect. Climate change is a major threat to the planet right now. With the average temperature rising a few degrees every year, each and every decision we take in our daily lives affects whether life forms on Earth will have a safe future. Major lifestyle changes need to happen for the effect of climate change to take a halt. 

Today faux leather products are not only a better alternative to real leather but also are more stylish & customised as per your needs. The first type of faux leather was invented in the year 1914. We’ve had more than 100 years to adopt faux leather products. Designers are more creative while producing faux leather accessories as the material itself is being engineered to understand the customer’s need accurately. So why are we making the wrong decision when a no-compromise, eco-friendly option exists?

One of the most prominent industry segments which heavily relies on the production of leather is the fashion & travel industry. A cruelty free, eco-friendly change can begin by adopting stylish faux leather in travel accessories. Statement items like wallets, passport cover, key chain and also journal covers can very well be customised with TravelSleek. We as a brand believe that style & accessories should not come at the cost of cruelty. 

Travel is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have. We must make sure that we don’t harm the planet as we venture into exploring it. Take the right decision as you make a stylish statement - without ever compromising on quality.