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If You Are A Bollywood Fan, You Need To Visit These Places!

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India is a beautiful country with colourful traditions and cultures inspired by the people living in it. Every place has its own reason for being discovered and loved by people. One of the major contributors to the change in the lifestyle is the entertainment industry. We Indians are a huge fan of the Bollywood industry and take great pride in showing off our movies, actors and even props used in certain movies. 

Bollywood movies are known for their exotic shoot locations in India or abroad. Our visuals are so alluring to the audience that people often remember a town or village based on the movie they had seen it in. Just put an ordinary location into the movie & it turns into a hotspot for tourists to hang out. Here is a list of must-visit locations:

  • Pangong Lake, Leh, Ladakh 

  • It is a beautiful place for an otherworldly experience starting from the vivid blue skies looking down on a cold desert. This is the place where the climax of the blockbuster movie ‘3 idiots’ was shot. This place is located at an altitude of 14000 ft. with the lake being long and narrow extending from India to Tibet through the Himalayas. Visit here in the summer months, or in winter when the lake is frozen well for ice skating festivals. 

  • Kashmir 
  • Famously known as ‘Paradise on Earth’, Kashmir has rightly claimed the right to be named so. Kashmir happens to be one of the most favourite options for film-makers because of it’s captivating beauty. This beautiful destination has been seen in most of the Indian movies like Haider, Rockstar & Yeh Jawani, Hai Diwani. 

  • Rohtang Pass, Himachal 

  • Manali is a land of nature’s bounty. From snow-capped mountains & frozen lakes to ecstatic snowy roads alongside the hills, this bustling town attracts a lot of tourists for various reasons. Featured in ‘Jab We Met’, this romantic drama embraced the beauty of Manali with passion. Ever since this movie was released, many nature-lovers, movie-buffs, bikers made their choice to visit this famous place to recreate the exact scenes.

  • Mustard Fields, Punjab 

  • When you are in the wheat bowl of the country, you gotta take a farm-stay experience and lucky you Punjab has one. Not far from Amritsar there’s a small town called Gurdaspur. A tiny village half an hour away from that town is surrounded by wheat and mustard fields on one side and a low canal with rows of trees on the other side. Okay now to be honest, didn’t you ever want to run through these fields when you watched it in ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’? Punjab has its own richness to discover and speaks truly about Indian traditions.

  • Fort Aguada, Goa

    Goa has been the perfect getaway as illustrated in a lot of movies since the first premiere in ‘Dil Chahta Hai’. It offers numerous destinations and Bollywood moments to be recreated. The iconic scene of the 3 friends in the movie sitting on the dull bricks of Fort Aguada and admiring the sunset is the most favourite of all the Millenials. Fort Aguada lets you admire scenic beaches along with beautiful brick porches to sit and chill with your buddies. 

  • Marine Drive, Mumbai 

    One cannot miss this location in the list of Bollywood movie scenes. The cameo this landmark has made in Bollywood movies is innumerable. The sight of Marine Drive is synonymous with dreams and freedom. From ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’ to ‘Wake Up Sid’, many such movies gave a new meaning to this popular landmark in Mumbai. Tens of thousands of people visit Marine Drive every year to recreate their favourite scenes of Bollywood movies.