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Plan A Memorable Valentine's Date with Bae

The day of love is knocking at our doors; the pressure is immense hence it’s important to make this day special for your loved one. On this day, there is a routine of exchanging gifts and going out for dates, but all those things have become a cliche, so this time how about getting more creative and adding an extra cherry on the top?

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, not just romance. So singles or couples, brace yourself as a great number of lovely ideas are awaiting for you to try them out. For a memorable day with your loved one, choose any of the activities from this to-do list which covers everything you need to impress them.

Plan your Dream Getaway

Who doesn’t want a weekend getaway or a moody vacation in a cosy cottage near the woods? Take an advantage of this sweater weather and escape with your loved ones into the wilderness. Just relax by the bonfire in an artsy wooden studio and enjoy some hot chocolate as you get cozy with your partner.

Recreate your First Date

This day calls for re-living the lovely memories you have had with your loved one. Take a trip down memory lane and cherish those first-date chills you got with your partner. Even if you can’t go out on a restaurant date, just light up some scented candles, decorate your table with fairy lights, pour some wine to enjoy with bread, and there you go. In case your V-Day celebrations are long distance, you can do the same by connecting on a video chat. 

Spend the Night in a Fancy Hotel

This is one of the most romantic ideas that is convenient yet super special. Checking into one of the royal suites or deluxe rooms, changing into fancy bathrobes and dialing up your favorite meal in room service with some exclusive wine is an extraordinary feeling. Enjoy the night with your valentine (or solo!) and definitely enjoy breakfast in bed the next morning. 

Share a Night Under the Stars

Travel to someplace unknown with your partner, the place they have never seen or heard, and give them a surprise sleepover under a beautiful starry night with a hint of moonlight shining upon both of you. You can go camping in the hills nearby and set up a tiny tent for a few hours at a location where stars are visible.

A Day Out Doing Your Fav Activities

Fill the day with activities that your partner absolutely loves, no matter how childish or embarrassing – play at the arcade, book a relaxing spa, hop into clubs, sing your heart out at karaoke, have a gaming night, take a long drive while blasting music or just plan a movie marathon.

After all, it all comes down to both of you making memories that you can cherish all your life.