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Stay Home, Stay Safe: Our Humble Request to You

As our country battles the second wave of the SARS-CoV-2, the challenges we are facing as individuals and as a community are far worse than we could have imagined. We’ve long heard about how ‘prevention is better than cure’ and it's time to practise that as the coronavirus outbreak is all about how you take all possible measures to stay safe and keep your loved ones safe as well.  During these difficult times, we urge and request everyone to stay at home and try to limit travelling as much as possible. While we’ve always strived to provide you with the ease of traveling, this conscious reprioritization is the need of the hour.


The health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities should be our primary concern. We need to work with each other to limit the impact of the virus in our communities. These times are extremely challenging and as an active and responsible part of the community, we would like to share some important and useful measures to help you in staying safe and healthy at home.


  1. The first and foremost rule is to stay indoors. Avoid travel and limit going outside for buying groceries, dairy, and other necessary utilities for the home. And when you do, remember to double mask. Double masking has proven to increase filtration, henceforth a cloth mask over a surgical mask is advisable. You can choose any cloth material you want for masking but remember to wear two masks positively.

2. Wash your hands throughout the day, keep a sanitizer close and remember to sanitize items you bring home after every purchase. 

3. If anyone at your home falls sick, consult your physician immediately and take all the necessary precautions as advised

4. It is extremely essential that you take proper care of your physical health by keeping your diet nutritious; take necessary and vital supplements and incorporate meditation, yoga, and exercise in your daily routine. 

5. Another essential step to protect yourself and your family members is to get vaccinated. COVID-19 vaccines are now available in our country that have proven effective in preventing this virus. This is being seen and used as an effective tool to help stop the spread of the pandemic. 


While we are facing the challenges, there is no denying that the situations that we are dealing with have left us stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, and have caused an upheaval of emotions in adults and youngsters. Doctors advise that while you take precautions and care for your physical health, your mental health must not suffer. Remember, it is always okay to distance yourself and take a break from watching, reading, and listening to news stories. Take proper sleep, take up an engaging hobby, ask for professional help, or do anything you want that helps you safeguard your mental peace.