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Steer Clear From The Herd – Customise Your Travel Goods!

There is no experience like the ones you gain while travelling. The smell of the sea breeze as you soak in the sun, the shivering cold of the mountains, the history of age-old monuments – feelings & lessons that stay with us always. Travel is a chance to explore the world and discover yourself in the process. Who doesn’t like a chance to get away from the mundane and discover the world like never before?

But for such experiences to manifest, one must be fully prepared. A trip along with other things, is an opportunity for you to arrive in style. Your travel gear is very much a part of the experience you are going to embark upon and all those items should be aligned accordingly. We believe that your travel gear should absolutely reflect your style. To make your job easier, here is a compilation of customised goods to help you stand out from the crowd!

Luggage Tags

We all agree that finding your bag from the sea of luggage at the airport can be a tedious task. Why not fashion your bag with a tag which has your name engraved on it? Pick your favourite combination from the many options available at TravelSleek and create your own style! 

Passport Holder

Hey, here’s a reminder, always always always keep your passport handy! You never know what kind of pickle awaits you in a foreign country. And in case you have trouble spotting it among all other travel documents, style it up with our variety of passport covers and turn it unique. 

Sunglass Case

Your eyes need protection sure but your sunglasses need protection too. Style your sunglasses cover with faux leather covers with stylish elements & attractive colours. While in the sun, be prepared!

Travel Pouch

The only way to efficiently pack for a trip is to organise your items. There are so many things one needs to carry so it is imported to keep them sorted. Pick your travel pouch & have your lip balm, sunscreen & moisturiser handy. Yes to the sun, strict no to skin problems!

Sanitizer Holder

If there is one thing that has made it to our essential travel products in 2020, it is the mighty sanitiser. The pandemic is not over & keeping the sanitiser close is absolutely crucial but that doesn’t mean you can’t style it. Grab these sanitizer holders with your initials engraved and be travel-ready.