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Take A Step Towards Sustainable Gifting

Gifting can be a personal and intimate gesture to show your love and affection towards the ones who are close to your heart. That makes choosing just the perfect gift for them a daunting task! Right? But that doesn’t seem to stop us from expressing our affection and happiness through gifts. As we tend to progress, the act of gift-giving has become more personalized, and thoughtful. We would like to drive you towards the idea of sustainable gifting that has less impact on our environment, is much more ethical, and leaves a smaller carbon footprint through ways of upcycling, recycling, and naturally biodegradable materials. 

If you already know some aspect of sustainable gifting or if you are someone who wants to be more bent towards it, we have got you covered. Sustainable gifting never comes at the cost of finding what you want to give. And the Earth needs us to be more mindful and ethical, now more than ever.


If you are super creative and love to make something or other, what better to use that creativity to gift it to your loved ones? Handmade or Do-it-Yourself gifting adds that extra touch of love and makes the receiver think of you in absolute awe. If you are wondering that making a handmade card is the only way through DIYs, then let us walk you through the several other amazing options that are at hand. If you love to cook, you can cook their favorite recipes and send them to them as a gift. If you are into the craft, you can make flowers or knit a scarf, or maybe you could give them a plant to add beauty and greenery to their home space. 

Faux Leather

Leather has always been a questionable material when it comes to its adverse impact on our environment. This is why vegan or faux leather has been in rising demand as a great alternative to leather. You can easily choose gifts that are made in vegan leather, in that way you not only choose the gift you’ve wanted but also help in saving the environment, even in the smallest of ways. To begin with, a diary, a pouch, wallets, or handbags are great gifting options. At TravelSleek, you can find a wide variety of options to choose from that are made of vegan leather. From daily essentials, travel accessories to lifestyle accessories, we have it all! The best part is you can have your gift personalized by adding charms or other names and initials in anything you have decided to give. It is an absolutely sustainable and fun gifting option to go for!

Nature-Based Items

When we think of sustainable gifting, it is hard to not think of some amazing green alternatives that are unusual, personalized, and eco-friendly. To begin with, you can grow herbs at home to give to someone close. It symbolizes the love and effort you have put into gifting it. Another great gift would be going for natural cosmetics, clothes made of natural fibers and organic materials, or beeswax candles. These gifting options are all natural and super environment friendly. Going for gifts that are sustainable is so much more personal that leaves a deeper & positive impact on the one you are gifting and acts as a small step towards saving the environment.