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5 Step Mental Health Guide to Battle Pandemic Stress

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With a constant rise in Covid-19 cases and a universal economic standstill, the whole world has been on a high alert. The pandemic has led to enforced lockdowns and compulsory social distancing, thus creating mental stress and affecting the well-being for many people. This disease has brought profound changes in our daily lives which has become challenging for people to cope with and has resulted in exhaustion and fatigue along with uncertainty of the future. 

Things may seem overwhelming at the time but it is crucial to take care of oneself whichever way possible. Thus we have created this small yet helpful list of mental health tips for you to help fight stress & anxiety in the pandemic. 

Make Routine Your Friend

Having a routine can help you deal with uncertainty, stress and unpredictability. You can make a to-do list that will work for you as a constant reminder of your routine and help you manage your feeling of powerlessness. Don’t forget that it’s important for you to make time for things that make you happy. 

Practice Mindfulness

Sit and breathe deeply for 10-15 minutes to help your mind stay calm to the present moment. Lay down a solid foundation for your mental health and well-being by practising good sleep hygiene, exercising regularly and eating healthy food. 

Stay Connected


Stay in contact with your loved ones via video communication, phone calls and texts as just a few minutes of chit-chat can bring in comfort and joy despite the physical distance. Share your concerns, worries and fears. It will help you look from a different perspective to face the situation. 

Take A Break From Hard News


Be cautious about the information you get to see and read about Covid-19. Overexposure to news and information creates panic, fear and worry. Have knowledge about credible sources of information. Limit your frequency of checking news to twice a day. If needed, avoid conversations dominating Covid-19 news and updates. 


Take Deliberate Breaks


With breaks, you get to refocus and re-energize. Explore new things, indulge yourself in gardening, cooking, reading books or watching movies. Taking a break from your regular schedule will help you manage fatigue and release any stress.


With this ongoing global health crisis, it’s important for each one of us to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Prioritise your mental health and stay strong. We will rise from it.