Do you have someone in your mind as soon as you hear the word “travel” or “traveling”? Have you been thinking to give your traveler friend/family a gift? No wonder gifting a relevant present to one who travels to different places and is crazy about exploring new destinations should be given something which is just appropriate to their travel life and trust me, it would be something that they will really love. So, here are some amazing best gift for backpackers from travelsleek that you can gift them this time which might be just the right thing for their wanderlust journey. 

Have a look to know some of the best gifts for backpackers, and the best travel gifts online on our online store travelsleek.

Personalized passport cover

   A small yet astounding gift for one who is a frequent flyer and a passport cover holder might be of great use to them. To make it more special we customize it accordingly with your choice of design and color with their name embossed on it just to make it more extraordinary and lovely. 

We provide a number of options for passport holders, may it be for an individual or a couple or even to a family guy with a lovely partner and kids you would like to gift. We at travelsleek provide a variety of collections in passport covers. 

Mini travel Accessories      

Small travel accessories might be not really noticeable but can be of very good use to travelers as they are handy and portable. Some of the easy-to-carry yet useful travel accessories  are below which you can think of gifting someone you might know who travels frequently. 

Luggage tags

Can be a small gift option for someone who would want their luggage to be highlighted with their names on it. Buy personalized luggage tags on travelsleek online store and more such travel accessories on our website.


If you want your gift to someone to be just minimal yet classy one, personalized leather keychains are the best picks for you. Executive keychains and travel keychains are available on travelsleek online store with various designs and colors of your choice. 

Wire organizers

Yes, we know it’s the time where everything is wireless and automated. But, wire organizers can be a great help to one who still continues to use wired headphones or things that has a wire and is to be organized properly so that you don’t have to waste your time detangling them and breaking your head! Have a look at tiny eat really good-looking wire organizers on our website. 

Sunglass case 

Your travel freak friend who always looks stunning in his goggles and keeps trying out new destinations should definitely be having a sunglass case as one of his/her travel accessories. A unique yet extremely useful gift to your friend you can think of giving. At travelsleek we offer a wide range of collections in sunglass class pouch made with premium quality with customizations made to it as to the appropriate gift idea and to make your bond more special than ever.

Cross body bags for your loved lady

Imagine ladies traveling without a bag! That would be tremendous. Because she can literally carry every possible thing in her bag you can imagine, That would leave you amused. Therefore if you are thinking to gift your mom/sister/ wife or even your friend who has a gig of traveling often, a crossbody travel bag for ladies is just the best idea of giving a lady. And trust me, she will love it! 

Explore various cross-body travel bags for women at our online store with all of them made with the utmost quality of vegan leather.  

Unisex travel pouch 


To the one who travels every now and then visiting different attractions travelsleek brings you a unisex travel pouch which is something they definitely would want to own. A travel pouch is no doubt the best gift idea for any kind of traveler as they have to carry all their essentials used on a journey. Search for Travel bags for men at travelsleek website to know more such amazing options as a gift idea for your loved ones.

 So, if you are confused to gift him/her anything on their special day or simply a gesture of love for the one who is quite a travel freak, try giving them the above few gift ideas for travellers  that are of real use to them and get a smile on their face remembering you, whenever they use it.

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