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10 Unique Rakhi gift ideas for your brothers and sisters

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Cousins and siblings all around the home, a variety of sweets everywhere, parents laughing and of course, RAKHI’s everywhere you see. Yes, it is the RAKSHA BANDHAN an auspicious festival celebrated in India during the month of August every year. A festive occasion, mainly been celebrated to embrace and enjoy the togetherness of brother and sisters following the rituals according to Indian Mythology where a sister ties an adorable thread like called RAKHI as to her brother promising to protect and nurture her forever. It is among the biggest festivals celebrated in India after Deepawali, Holi and Ugadi.

As this eve have been celebrated for soo many years across the country every time people try to bring in new ideas and ways of celebrating it where one of the fun tradition is to give a gift to your sister after she is done with tying you a rakhi. Buy Rakhi and Raksha Bandhan gifts online in India and travelsleek online store is all here to help you out choose the best gift for your sister or even brother this Raksha Bandhan. Here are the 10 best gift options that might lower your confusion about gifts to your cousins and siblings this time.

Gift hampers

If you are no way getting any gift ideas for your brothers and sisters, a gift hamper might just be the best and ready-made choice to gift them. Various hampers such as eatables, skin care products, collection of their favorite small accessories, hamper of their favorite set of chocolates, perfume hampers, and many more according to their interest. A gift hamper can be glamorous enough for occasions like Raksha Bandhan. Check out rakhis with gift hampers on our website available in the new rakhi collection 2022.

Personalized Unisex Wallets

A wallet is a simple yet useful gift you can gift to your brother or sister this rakhi. Travelsleek brings you a personalized unisex wallet made with vegan leather with a variety of colors and designs including charms just for the exact match suiting them. A wallet can be extremely useful to them so you can think of giving it this Raksha Bandhan. (Shop this wallet from our online store and more such gift collection of wallets).

Online subscriptions

Retail Subscriptions Thrive During COVID-19
A new yet very unique gift idea is to give them online subscriptions of their interest. You can think of providing them a yearly subscription to OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Hotstar, and more of such or a subscription to music platforms like Spotify, etc. Standing out like any other usual gift, a smart and digital way of expressing your love towards your loved ones.

Personalized passport holder

If your brother or sister is someone who is a frequent flyer and is a travel freak who travels internationally, a passport holder is a minimal and beautiful present you can give. At Travelsleek online store we provide a wide range of collections in passport covers with charms and customizations of his/her name embossed on it. Explore our website for more such passport covers personalized for you.

Smart devices

Another best smart option is to give her/him smart devices as it is the new age where almost everything is 2x faster and is based on smart choices. There are a number of smart devices available today that can be best as a gift option such as smart watches, smart assistants like Alexa, and google assistants AI-based devices which are extremely helpful today.

Personalized sunglass case

Gifting a sunglass case might seem very small and too normal but not if it’s personalized and is made with premium materials. A personalised sunglass case can actually be an amazing gift idea for your cool bro or sis who enjoys their own fashion sense. At Travelsleek online store choose any sunglass cover solely made with considering the design and customization of your choice. Get their name emblazoned on it with a charm showcasing their style. (checkout travelsleek website for many such online gifts).

Photo frames/ Portraits

Picture frames and portraits as a gift can be the best option you can give of the best moments captured with your loved ones. Collect your beautiful memories all together of maybe a childhood picture, or a picture of you together on an eventful day, and merging them in one single frame would be really heartwarming. So yes, start finding the best picture or pictures in that old gallery and get it framed today with an appropriate theme for this Raksha Bandhan.

Fine jewelry for your sisters

If you have an elder or a younger sister, she would never say no to cute jewelry as a gift for Raksha Bandhan. Now, this can be of many categories and extent according to your choice. Fine jewelry is the new aesthetic and chic looking these days and gifting them to your sister can be really the best gift she can ask for. So ahead and get it packed for your sister that she would really look adorable in. (check out Rakhi gifts for sister on travelsleek website for other options).

A Watch

Gift them good times. Think of giving a watch to your brother and sister as it just matches the vibe of Raksha Bandhan as a gift giving idea. Go buy that watch of based on their likes and give it to them with love and care so that they remember you every time they wear it.

Travel gift hamper

Travel sleek brings you the travel-in-style travel accessories gift hamper and can be the best idea for gifting your brothers and sisters. Having the most useful things required for traveling we consider customizations accordingly. Each product is made with vegan leather and is of premium quality.

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Last but not least wishing you a very happy RAKSHA BANDHAN from Travelsleek and the team.