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Travel & Instagram – Tips to Ace Them Both & Make It Big

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The whole world hangs out on Instagram these days. No meal is complete without a picture taken and every get-together with friends must be posted on IG. But what has really taken over the app is travel blogging. Millions of people follow many such travel influencers to get recommendations for their next trip. So how are these travel influencers making that happen? 

Being a blogger or influencing someone on social media is not easy as it may seem. We often miss out the whole process a content creator goes through to build a community. Travel IG accounts have influenced people all over the world to set out on new adventures and explore new cultures. Many channels have been successful enough to attract collaboration with big brands for promotional activities.

Now, to help you get started, we’ll reveal some insider tips & secrets to give you a peek into the process that goes behind building a travel-based IG community:

Choose a Niche & Build on It: You aren’t going to be the first one to create an attractive travel feed on Instagram, so don’t let that intimidate you. No matter how overwhelming it feels, if you really put your heart into it, you’ll find what you love and embrace it. You will build a niche with time and building on it won’t feel like a task. It is important to bring your own touch to the content you create – to have your own voice, your own personality, likes and dislikes.

Aesthetics are Essential: Since no other social media platform is as visuals based, you will have to work on making your content look good. Good angles and creative photos is what appeals the audience to follow your content. There is no need to spend on expensive gadgets right away. Learning some tips of photography can be a start to help you click good pictures with your phone. Try to follow an aesthetically pleasing theme which makes your feed beautifully co-ordinated.

Engage with Audience: Responding and interacting with your Instagram followers or admirers through replying to your DM’s, stories, comments is quite essential. It lets your audience connect to you on a human level. Be approachable and authentic, also not to forget genuine with your answers. Take some time out everyday to keep this interaction going and set aside a ritual to do this even in your busiest days. It will show you faster results than any other feature on social media. 

Relevant Hashtags Are A Must: This is one of the major searchable features on Instagram that people fail to pay attention to. But how to get more engagement and followers by using this particular feature? Well, start by creating a suitable hashtag which fits your travel username and campaigns. Make sure to interact through contests, promotions, collaborations and giveaways using the desired hashtags to increase participation by the audience. Encourage your audiences to follow the same criteria while sharing your personal experiences with them.


Consistency & Content is Key: The two main factors which every influencer puts into their feed is quality content and consistency – making it happen every single day. The app analyses your consistency which may influence how many new engagements you gain. Hence make sure you are making an effort in retaining your hard-earned audiences.

Every moment is worthy when you step out on a new destination and seek adventure every hour of your life. When you stay consistent with this routine of sharing every place you’ve ever visited, you’re more likely to succeed. In addition, regular posting will help you grow your audience and let you discover your new self every moment of it. Your loyal audience will automatically follow up with your posting habits and your visibility will increase gradually.