7 Tips For A Fool-Proof Airport Look – Travel Perfect!

The airport can be a magical place – the beginning of your trip, the place where adventure can finally begin. But if things go wrong, it can turn into a living nightmare and your whole trip could be in jeopardy. Staying absolutely prepared for anything that might come your way is very important while on a trip. One of the things that you can absolutely take control of is your attire. No one wants a wardrobe malfunction, but at an airport & in the plane managing a malfunction can be very difficult. Hence, here are a few tips to truly ace your airport look and begin your vacation in style.

Less Bags

How many bags is too many bags? Well, if the number of your bags have exceeded the number of your limbs - you have probably crossed the limit. Your carry-on bag should carry all your essentials - wallet, cards, necessary IDs, make-up bag and not to forget the very important - sanitizer! Apart from that always carry a pair of extra clothing & shoes in your carry-on bag – just in case. 

Good Shoes

The last thing you want to wear are uncomfortable shoes on a plane. If you are on a long flight, choose a footwear that can be slipped on easily. Comfortable sneakers go best for shorter plane rides. Remember, your feet might swell up so avoid any shoes that are too tight or have pointed toes. 

Comfy Pants 

On a flight, you might want to walk around after having sat for a long time. So you should choose pants that have a decent give to them. Jeans might be your go-to option regularly but on a plane, they might not be the perfect choice. Choose leggings or good-old track pants to begin your trip with comfort. 

Easy Going T-Shirts

As goes pants, so goes your top wear. Wear something that is simple and covers everything you want covered. Airports and planes can get crowded. You shouldn't have to worry about your clothes amidst that chaos. On a plane, there are higher chances of food spills so darker top colours would be preferable. 

Reliable Sunglasses

No matter your destination, don’t forget to arm yourself with a good pair of sunglasses. It might be hot & sunny or windy & cold – your sunglasses will help you battle them all. And when it comes to the airport, they are a perfect way to avoid any awkward eye contact. Did we mention, it totally doubles on suave? Yep. 

Minimal Jewellery 

Your rings & necklaces could very well be your statement pieces but it is better to put on minimal jewellery in the airport and on the plane. Metal jewellery will only slow you down during the security check. Go for light jewellery pieces that go well with your attire and don’t create any fuss for you.

Saviour Scarf

A light scarf can be saviour on the plane. While it will do its job of keeping you warm and cosy, it will double as a handkerchief, wipe-cloth and of course a cover up in case of the much feared wardrobe malfunction. Scarves have been known to add a pop of colour to simple t-shirts or kurtas – go on, bring on the bling.