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Want to Travel Solo? Here is a List of Best Destinations !

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Travel can be therapeutic as it lets us take a break from our daily life routines. A treatment to cure life’s numerous challenges. Don’t we all dream to just be out there? Travelling alone can be scary but can be the most liberating, self loving & life changing experience. India is a place which welcomes people to explore every bit of its culture, traditions and beauty. So if you really wanna explore by yourself, we have the most affordable of destinations you can visit:



Wrapped up in lush green mountains, it’s the perfect getaway for the travellers who are true mountain lovers. It is one of the popular hill stations for backpackers and is one of the safest places to visit. An ideal retreat for solo travellers to rejuvenate their spirits and take a break from the mundane. This hill spot offers a spectacular view of Kullu valley and other neighbouring ice covered mountains. There are alot of adventure sports to cover as well like river rafting, paragliding, skiing.


Someone truly said that the best roads lead to the best views. Are you a person who likes road travelling more than anything else? Do roads attract you more than the destinations you want to reach? If yes, this is a trip destined for you, this journey captures the most scenic landscapes from lush green valleys of Kashmir to the cold desserts in Leh, Ladakh. These roads lead to the beautiful Dal Lake and Kargil to the world’s highest motorable pass, Khardungla Pass. All you need is a road map, backpack, an off-roading bike and camera and you’re set to explore this region. 


This town is a spiritual place which touches your soul. Known as the Yoga capital of the world, it is one of the most visited destinations in our country by teenagers & families. One of the best getaway for solo travellers born for adventures like trekking, river rafting, cliff jumping, bungee jumping, kayaking & rock climbing. One can truly shed their worries by meditating at the banks of river Ganges.


This city of lakes, an abode of Maharajas is a land of great hospitality and rich cultural heritage. Perfect destination for couples and solo travellers who love colourful skies along with beautiful sunsets. There are many tourist spots in Udaipur which offer hawelis, forts, palaces & temples to visit. Solo travellers can explore the history of the city, sit by the side of lakes, watch starry skies on cold nights, read books and visit old cafes there. 


Blessed with some of the finest beaches in India, this popular party place is also a destination ideal for solo travellers who love basking under sun, swimming, beach adventures & sipping cool margaritas along with delicious Goan seafood. The hippie culture allows solo travellers to make new friends all while exploring new hobbies and adapting to a new environment. A thrilling destination one should definitely add to their bucket list. 


Full of rustic beauty, wildlife reserves, historical sites and pilgrimage spots, Kutch is the ultimate destination for solo backpackers where they can go camping in midst of the vast wasteland surrounded by seawater. This place is usually covered with travellers during the annual ‘Rann Utsav’. This festival celebrates the tribal culture of Kutch so travellers can learn about it and truly appreciate it.